When there is a Chill in the Air, try some Chili!!

Big Pot 'O Chili!

When Fall rolls around, grillin turns to chillin!  Forget burgers and dogs, I turn instead to my slow-cooker, and my big, cast iron dutch oven.  I “fall” in love all over again with being in the kitchen.  There is nothing like a lazy Saturday or Sunday dinner – cooked low and slow on either stove-top or in a crock pot.  I have done the following recipe in both, however my preference as of late, for both flavor and ease, is on the stove in the cast iron pot.  The weight of the pot distributes the heat evenly, and the flavor is incomparable.  So, give this recipe for Chili a whirl.  You can do it in any large pot, or even in your slow-cooker!  Just don’t forget to have plenty of cheddar cheese and sour cream on hand for the perfect accompaniment.  Continue reading