My Fall Top Ten

There are “top ten” lists out there for every imaginable thing, or situation.  Late night talk show hosts have made them famous, and they abound all over the media and the blogosphere.  So, as a quickie this morning, I figured “why not post mine”?  Here is my “Top Ten” regarding my favorite season, Fall.  Of course, there are probably 100 things I love about fall but I am trying to be concise here.  Let’s see how many of these are your favorites too!

1.  Cooler Temperatures.  I am not a huge fan of the heat.  I find it bothersome and oppressive.  I love the cool, crisp air of fall.

2.  FOOD!  With fall brings things like my crockpot, and my oven.  During summer, we grill a lot, and eat tons of salads.  I enjoy the prospect of breaking out my big, cast iron Dutch Oven for a pot of chili (my traditional “first meal of fall”) or throwing a roast in the oven on a Sunday afternoon.  Its just homey to me, and oh so comforting.  And fall fruits and veggise??  Fuggedaboutit!!  Roasted root veggies, apple pies…oh, the abundancy of it all.  Yum!

3.  Knitting or crocheting with WOOL!!  Yippee, I love, love, love wool!  The smell, the touch, the hand, the elasticity…and the way it slides off my nickel needles.  I love to work with cotton and linen too, but those fibers don’t have as much “give” as wool does.  Plus, I love little sheep, so whatever fiber they produce is near and dear to me.

4.  School.  While the beginning of the school year is hard to adjust to, with its insane schedules, it signals a return to normalcy for me, and for the children.  There is the comfort of that old, familiar routine.  The kids know where they are going to be and what they are going to be doing.  They see their friends every day, and they are learning new things with consistency.  I am on their schedule too, and I get to see my friends more often through volunteering and sharing my children’s lives.  Its enriching for the whole family in a way I can’t explain (but I bet you know what I mean!).

5.  Fall activities.  Apple picking, harvesting, pumpkin picking, sitting outside by a fire pit…football!!  Just pure fun, for the whole family.

6.  Sweaters and Boots and Clogs!!  While my feet are married to flip flops in summer, I long sometimes for the  “cover” of fall.  The feel of a boot, or a clog…and the warmth of a sweater wrapped around you like an old boyfriend’s arms conjure up all sorts of good vibes.  I am reminded of yesteryear and going “school clothes shopping” with my mom.  Picking out plaid shirts, and oxford shoes…and blazers!  Thinking about a nice, new winter coat.  And scarves and hats, oh my!  Refer back to item number 3 for this…as all my hats and scarves are hand-knitted or crocheted.  There’s nothing better.  Of course, I am still on my quest for the perfect boot, but that is a topic for a whole other post.

7.  The preparation for Halloween!  While I am not the hugest fan of Halloween as a holiday per se, I do love all the anticipation for it.  Its almost become bigger than Christmas, for goodness’ sake!  Disney Channel now has 31 days of Halloween movies and episodes of the kids’ favorite shows, and dontcha know, I will be right there watching with them!  Creating the costumes, and watching my daughter already formulating her costume is inspiring.  The decorations, and just the pure child-driven imagination of it all is enough to bring out even the most cranky curmudgeon in some of us.

8.  The color palette.  Spring is splendiferous in her glory – the greens, the bright colors of flowers, the birds.  But fall?  Oh, the colors!  The reds, golds, oranges, the warmth of it all!  The changing of the leaves is one of nature’s greatest glories, but be sure to catch it because once they fall of the trees, its all over.

9.  The smells…oh, the smells.  Acrid burning leaves, the cinnamon and nutmeg of pies and other fall foods, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice candles!!  Again, it all invokes such a feeling of warmth and comfort.

10.  Last but not least…Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.  Its a very low-stress holiday, that simply involves gathering and eating.  No gifts to buy, no great “holiday rush”…I look back fondly on being a college student, and that joy of coming home for Thanksgiving, the first holiday break of the year.  Gathering at local watering holes with old friends, and then being with family for a great feast.  I love the food…the stuffing!!  That “turkey satiation” and the following nap time that everyone gets.  Eating early, and then going for an afternoon walk, only to return home and make supper Turkey Sandwiches.  Wondering who gets the wishbone…and of course, truly giving thanks for all the abundance we really have.  Family, health, friends, love.  What could be better?  No Christmas present could even compare…

So…what keeps you “falling” in love with autumn every year?  Feel free to share…


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